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Breathe Zen Yoga 

Refresh, Reflect, Reflexology...and Modern Meditation    

Anyone who is walking is breathing. Each breath we take is a reaction to our surroundings; every time we face something different. Stress happens on a daily basis. It’s counter intuitive to associate stress with being healthy, and positive. But stress opens doors to creativity, success, and even survival. It is when being over stressed overwhelms and imbalances our nervous system leading us to illness; that it becomes unhealthy and at times an inability to function at all.

 This is why we must make the time to breathe consciously.

 When we make time to focus on our breathing, our bodies relax; allowing your heart to heal and beat at a steady rate. The mind and body need a chance to catch up on rest.

Yoga and meditation focus on breath; helping to reduce insomnia, emotional stress, tension and mind clutter. It also increases heart, brain and digestive functions, while promoting a strong healthy immune system. We are able to help reduce stress and any sort of internal, external pain, while also, restoring the balance of our nervous systems, increasing blood flow, cleansing out bad toxins, releasing endorphins, and normalizing our body functions.

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